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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 3: Pack Mentality

Watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 3 entitled “Pack Mentality” which original air date is June 13, 2011 Monday night at 10pm E.T. The newest episode continues with the drastic changes that happened to the young teen Scott who is turning to become a werewolf after one night of encounter with the beat that gave him the curse. Now with these life changing incident, he did make use of it during a game because as the strength provided by this new nature is impressively useful in the sports that he is in.

But when dead bodies started to surface one by one, Scott started to be afraid of what he is starting to become and seek Derek’s advice about how the “beast” inside him can be controlled and/or how destructive it is to other persons around him. It seems that this cursed is spreading and eating his personality.

With the Teen Wolf season 1 episode 3 Pack Mentality, Scott will surely discover how life can be being a werewolf. Watch this episode online replay now.


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