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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 2: Second Chance at First Line

Watch the 2nd episode of Teen Wolf (2011) series which features 16-year old teenager Scott McCall whose life turns upside down when he was turned into a creature of night after he got bitten in a certain attack as shown on the first episode of the series. The episode airs June 6, 2011 Monday night on MTV.

Scott’s werewolf infection started to manifest when the full moon arrives and on the first episode, he met the first ally (but still questionable if here really is) werewolf named Derek who save him from the hunters. He soon discovered that Jenny’s father was one of the hunters that hunt for werewolves like him. It complicates thing ‘coz he likes Jenny and this werewolf thing seems a big hindrance for them.

What will happen on Teen Wolf? Well watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 2 online entitled “Second Chance at First Line” to find out now on the happenings of the rebooted series.


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