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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 12: Code Breaker (Finale)

Watch the season finale of TEEN WOLF this Monday night, August 15, 2011. “And not everyone, makes it out” is the quote left by the preview trailer of the 12th episode of the series. This mean that someone will surely dies and who will meet his demise? It is not yet revealed and it is for the Teen Wolf fans to watch for the finale to find out.

As Scott is caught in a crossfire of the human hunters versus werewolves war, he takes help from his friends and enemies to survive it and stop the mysterious killings. He will do everything to win Allison back and he will not permit it that something will happen to the people that is close to his heart. However, it seems that it is inevitable for worst things to happen. How can he accept this reality that his new life has introduced to him?

Who do you think from the characters will die? Is it Derek, Allison or Stiles?

Well watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 12 online to stop the guessing game!


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