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Taylor Swift Receives Unlikely Criticisms from John Mayer

John Mayer criticizes Taylor Swift for her latest song entitled “Dear John” because he was too certain that it was all about him. In her new scathing song entitled “Dear John”, Taylor Swift has never revealed her target in the lyrics of the song, but John Mayer was pretty sure that it was about him, and he doesn’t think that it is cool.

In an interview with the male singer, he called Taylor’s “Dear John” song as a cheap songwriting and added that it really made him feel terrible, and he did not deserve such treatment. In this song of Taylor Swift which is included in her multiplatinum “Speak Now” album seems to be talking about a former boyfriend of the pop singer. Swift has never confirmed that the pair dated and when asked pointedly refused to say that song was about Mayer.

However, the guy really insists that it was really all about him, thus, he condemns Taylor Swift for it. Mayer said that he did nothing to deserve the song and says that Swift, his former musical collaborator, kicked him when he was down. He doesn’t deserve such humiliation, according to him. No comment from Taylor Swift or her representative yet.

Anyway, Jon Mayer’s “Born and Raised” has already debuted as the nation’s best selling album last week. This is his first album in three years.


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