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“Supernatural” Star Jared Padalecki and His Upcoming Baby Boy

There has been a lot of big news from some of the well known big stars in television shows today! Some of them we’re mostly negatives and about broken marriage, but that’s not going to conclude all! We have here some good news from Supernatural couple Jared Padalecki and his pregnant wife Genevieve Cortese! What I’m going to tell you is amazing news! It’s all about their upcoming baby which is said to be a baby boy! Yes, you heard that right! This is just pure amazing knowing that Hollywood is somewhat having a lot of broken marriages here and there like Kim and Kris!

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve CorteseI’m not going to talk about broken marriages here! This is going to be all about the Padalecki’s family who’s expecting to have their upcoming baby boy this coming March! This is but exciting news for the both of them who are pretty much nervous and excited on what might be the big change for them! According to news, the couple have been putting their noses on reading a lot of books about “how to take care of babies” which is not shocking because we all know that both of them are but English majors and that they indeed share the interest of reading a lot!

This upcoming baby of them is but big news and something that gave their fans something to lookout for! The fans are all excited for the coming of their baby! And somehow the idea of Jared’s wife on going back to show business! Well, right now there’s really no telling what’s going to happen on their future Hollywood career because they’re so busy going at some books and making sure that they are going to be ready when the baby comes! Perfect parenthood that is!

This is just huge for the family! And for sure, Supernatural fans are feeling happy for them too! Right now, there have been some rumours on what their babies name might be! But they still haven’t released any statement regarding it, and said that we just have to wait!  Who knows, their babies might be named after some character in the said popular show!


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