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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 23 (Finale) – Survival of the Fittest

Watch Supernatural season 7 episode 23 online replay this weekend with an episode name of “Survival of the Fittest” which is the 7th season finale of the series. The episode will surround with Sam and Dean trying to beat Dick Roman, the very wise Leviathan whose tricky and evil plans are all in the final phase.

They need to team up together with their friends, living or not – Castiel, Bobby, Meg and the reluctant prophet Kevin to enable them to triumph from this battle. However, it seems that this Leviathan is so smart and one of the smartest as Dick prepare them a mind game that will surely made a success that will keep the upper hand.

Sneak preview of Supernatural 7×23 (Finale)

Watch Supernatural online replay here at and see how the Winchesters will try to surpass this challenge of their lives. For Sam and Dean fanatics, good news! There will be 8th season for the series. I still don’t know the plot of the next season but the ending of the battle for this episode will surely show how the 8th season will open. Check the links below.


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