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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 16 – Out with the Old

Watch Supernatural season 7 episode 16 entitled “Out with the Old” which airs on the 9th of March this year where the next mystery/supernatural case that the Winchester brothers will be facing involves a cursed ballet slippers.

Sam and Dean investigate about the case when a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death. Their discovery of the reason behind the death – which is the cursed slippers, lead Dean to accidentally touch it making the power of the ballet shoes to take control of him.

Also on the recent preview of this episode as shown by, an image of Castiel can be seen which might mean that our favorite simple yet friendly angel from above is back to complete the Supernatural trio. Watch Supernatural online episodes at and see for yourself all the stuff that these guys are doing on the 7th season of the series.

Supernatural series airs every Friday night on The CW channel.


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