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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 10: Death’s Door

Will Bobby dies or will Sam and Dean talk to Death again to stop him from taking their long time father figure friend on the next episode of Supernatural season 7? Well, I’m asking that way because I’ve seen them both really worried about Bobby when he got shot by the bullet by the politician Leviathan Dick. See the preview clip of Supernatural season 7 episode 10 to watch for ¬†yourself on what I mean:

But I guess Bobby will be fine as the plot summary of the episode indicates that “As Sam and Dean race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life.” but I have a feeling that it might be a death sequence for Bobby. Well, we can find out and watch Supernatural season 7 episode 10 on Friday, December 2, 2011 to see if what will really happens with the Winchester and Bobby.

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