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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 1: Meet The New Boss

Watch Supernatural season 7 episode 1 online for free here at or which original first airing of this episode is September 23, 2011 Friday night at 9pm E.T. The Winchester brothers Dean and Sam with their father-like friend Bobby will be facing the post apocalyptic scenario of earth with a “new boss” on earth declares his supremacy.

I am referring to the quite and gentle angel Castiel who took to himself the power that he gain from the purgatory souls. Now, he is not the old  guy that we know that loves the Winchesters. He is fierce and looks so dangerous because of his enormous power which of course sadden and bring fear to Sam and Dean while Sam suffers from the torment of hell memories that beginning to return to his ‘walled’ memories.

What will happen next to earth and how the brothers will handle this kind of situation? I just love to find out on how they will deal with Castiel.

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