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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15: The French Mistake

Watch out for the Supernatural Season 6 episode 15: The French Mistake which is set to air this Friday at 9pm E.T. as the angels are about to engage to another attack. Maybe this is the reason why “The French Mistake” is the title of this episode. Now with this episode, Sam and Dean Winchester are teleported in a parallel universe where they are known for being Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles – Sweet! They’ll be acting as “they are” which is a real scenario that will surely takes the show to funny yet very enticing to watch. By the way, the actress who acted “Ruby” is back and she’s the wife of Jared. Cool!

Now if you want to watch Supernatural Season 6 episode 15 online replay in case you miss this on TV (which I recommend, you should not) then check out the replay streaming version of this one here at, see ya!

[youtube 560 349]


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