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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 10 – Caged Heat

The soul-less Sam and the returning Dean Winchester are both back for another supernatural exciting episode with Supernatural season 6 episode 10 with an episode title Caged Heat. It seems that the Winchesters and the group of hunters will stumble with a certain death trap that will surely decrease their numbers.

Here’s a brief synopsis of Supernatural S6E10: Caged Heat

Sam and Dean make a deal with Meg to find Crowley and force him to return Sam’s soul, but the plan starts to fall apart when Castiel helps, and can’t abide working with a demon.

If I will be Castiel, of course I won’t be fighting demons with shoulder to shoulder with another demon. That will be very awkward for him. However, will that choice can’t be changed when he see’s that Dean and Sam are in danger and Sam’s soul is in jeopardy. Well, let see about this on Friday night, December 3, 2010.

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