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Snookie’s New Look! More Sexier With Less Fats!

What I mean when I said change is not about her drinking and or party life or even the happy go lucky attitude! What I mean is that, she’s now finding time to kind of go low for now with the partying and go to the gym to trim down some fats instead. I know that some of you are but shock to hear the news, but let me tell you that it’s true! She’s actually posting some of her new pictures on twitter and that there’s really a big difference on what she is before and what her body is now.

Snookie After GymIf you haven’t seen it yet, then let me just tell you that she look amazing! Her fats sure did trimmed down a little, but it didn’t left the fact that she might just be getting ready for the return of the reality show she’s in “Jersey Shore Season 5”. If you think of it, I might be right! If you have seen the show, then you’d probably have heard some of the funny rumours about her that she’s not Latina and that she’s fat and more like that. So now, there’s no question that she’s doing it for the preparation for the show which is said to be hitting your television screen January next year “2012”.

On the other hand, there’s this rumour about her that she’s kind of considering the possibilities of having a plastic surgery. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s going to be hot! Well, Nicole Polizzi or should I say Snookie has been showing off her new look via internet, specifically on twitter and that it was said that she posted days ago that she wants to have “big knockers” just like her co Jersey Shore Star JWoww.

Right now, there’s still no news about whether she’s going for the operation or not. But is she really is planning on it, then there’s a probability that she would and will do it on the Jersey Shore show.


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