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Smallville Season 10 Episode 18 – Booster

Watch the 18th episode of Smallville season 10 entitled “Booster” which air date is this Friday April 22, 2011 at 8pm ET @ CW. Clark Kent and Lois Lane returns with this outrageous series which will introduce several characters that we only see from the famous comics of superheroes.

In Smallville season 10 episode 18, Clark and Lois will encounter a new breed of superhero that doesn’t like being in the “low profile” and quite vigilante that implement justice from the shadow. The new hero is someone who came from the future named Booster Gold who happened to have a motto in life and that is “to get rich” using his abilities and skills to save a lot of people. Imagine he got TV ads and 1800 number for you to call if you needed him. A real business minded hero indeed!

However, stuff like this won’t last longer without any trouble and another character came under the name of Blue Beetle who is a teenager being corrupted by an alien suit. It seems so powerful that this Booster guy requires assistance from our man of steel.

See the preview of Smallville 10×18 below:

[youtube 560 349]

Oh well, for further story about it, let just watch Smallville season 10 episode 18 online replay on or after its official airing above.


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