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Smallville Season 10 Episode 14: Masquerade

Watch the episode of Smallville where our favorite superhero get a tip from Lois on how to present himself as the superhero named “Blur” and how he will hide it via wearing a black eye glasses 🙂 . This is what to expect with Smallville season 10 episode 14 entitled “Masquerade” which schedule of airing on TV is on February 18, 2011 Friday at 8pm ET.

Aside from the Blur’s masquerade, the villain who is known for having a classy torture twisted character named Desaad will be taking his step to Smallville and his minions will kidnap Oliver and Chloe. He even will try to convince Chloe to go to the darkside. Maybe he’s trying to make her to be converted to a darker nature.

Here’s the promo trailer of Smallville season 10 episode 14:

Watch Smallville season 10 episode 14 here later and just click the watch button to check if the video is already available. You might also watch to watch Smallville season 10 episode 13: Beacon, its previous story before watching this one.


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