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Smallville Season 10 Episode 13 – Beacon

Mama Kent is in trouble this time on the 13th episode of Smallville Season 10. You can read from the synopsis below on what will be the possible incident that will happen with Martha that shocks the entire city and even makes Clark to feel awful about what happens to his mom. It seems that the people behind VRA (Vigilante Registration Act) is making its move to protect their interests and I am wondering what will Blur/Clark will do about this.

Below shows the synopsis of Smallville Season 10 episode 13 – Beacon:

Martha returns to Metropolis to speak out against the VRA, but a sniper’s bullet brings her down. With his mother in critical condition, Clark’s friends try to cheer him up with videos showing Blur supporters. Meanwhile, the Earth-2 Lionel impersonates his dead counterpart and takes control of LuthorCorp back from Tess and Oliver.

Watch the last few episodes of Smallvile as I have heard that the conclusion of the series is coming this May 13 (according to Telepisodes’ Smallville News). Now watch this series here on February 11th 2011 Friday night at 8pm ET.


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