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Rio (2011)

From the makers if the bigger-than-a-blockbuster hit Ice Age trilogy comes Rio, a comedy adventure for the whole family, so don your backpacker’s gear and take a hike on the wild side. Rio tells about the lone Macaw named Blu, who is domesticated and lives in the sleepy town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. He never learned how to spread his wings, thanks to the lavish pampering of his owner and best pal Linda. You’ll be reading here thoughts on why watch Rio online full movie here at

Proud and wary at the same time, Blu believes that he is the last of his kind, until Linda, who runs a brick-and-mortar bookstore learns there’s another Macaw who lives somewhere in sunny Rio de Janeiro, and she’s a dame! As soon as they heard of the news they head to the exotic beach in order to find Jewel, Blu’s last existing female counterpart. Scarcely after they got to know each other, the pair are kidnapped by a circle of bungling animal smugglers. Fortunately, street-smart adventuress Jewel helps nervous Blu escape, along with a bunch of hilariously smooth-talking city birds.

Safe from danger and with his new-found friends, Blu will have to find all the guts he could muster to learn how to fly, flee from the kidnappers who are hot on their wings, and head back to Linda, a best friend any bird could wish for. Talk about forming friendships on the verge of disaster, Rio cocktails a menagerie of colorful characters, a heartwarming plot, vivid backdrops, and muy caliente Latin and contemporary music, fans can always sing along with.

Here’s the first 2 minutes of RIO, get a glimpse of it and watch it later.


[youtube 560 349] 

Scheduled to fill theaters with feathers on April 15, Rio stars Anne Hathaway, Sofia Scarpa Saldhana, and Jason Fricchione and directed by Carlos Saldhana.


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