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Rihanna’s First Contact to Raiders Running back McFadden Revealed

Rihanna & McFadden Cuaght Making OutI don’t know about you, but it seems like the singer now turned actress, Rihanna is so into hooking up with Raider’s famous running back player Darren McFadden! For all I know, Rihanna here has made some interesting move in her career and that now she’s but no longer just a singer, but an actress in the 2012 movie titled “Battleship”. He’s pretty good at it, and that her killer looks and somewhat sharp looking eyes tells something more than what you and the emotions needed in the scene! For me, I see a much stronger Rihanna, not to mention that she seems to be into NFL running back players for a change.

There’s no telling whether or not Rihanna is into Darren McFadden of the Raiders, but according to my sources, the two were spotted just last last week making out in Hawaii! I’m not really sure whether this is true or not! But if this is true, then Rihanna here just not only added just one career, but two! She’s not only an actress now, but a certified relationship wrecker! You got that right! THe fact that McFadden here is no single man and has a girlfriend makes Rihanna her bith and that it’s one of the worst position and the worst thing that Rihanna will be playing in Hollywood today.

I personally don’t know whether Rihanna is into being someone’s slut, but she sure is doing it right! And by the way, the two met, Rihanna and McFadden including McFadden’s girlfriend in Hawaii when Rihanna was doing her promotional tour for the movie “Battleship”. Sooner after that, the two were found in Hawaii without McFadden’s offical girlfriend and that they were definitely into some kind of flirtation and are officially making out!


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