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Project Free Tv Site Best Alternatives to Watch TV Shows Online

Project Free TV is a hugely popular TV show streaming website for  along time and tons of followers are now wondering if where they can actually find the website now. Since the disappearance of its official domain, fans out there are having difficulty finding alternative website to watch the shows that they usually watch weekly or in daily basis. The list below are the best alternative website to use instead of the ProjectFreeTV.


Telepisodes – of course this website is the first alternative on the list. Its official domain is It a website established since 2016 and through the years have undergone several make over and finally it settled down to the minimalist design where users (link contributors, series viewers, TV fans, etc., reviewers, editors, etc.)  can easily and conveniently do what they usually do best in making a TV site better. Link contributors can easily submit multiple links for episode of a TV show. Ads like banners, and pop ads are minimized in the site and usually invisible if users are logged in. The site features variety of TV links where users can filter based on their preferences. It will took Telepisodes users several seconds to watch series free. Aside from that, the site contains comprehensive information about a show and its episode such as program schedule with TV guide, promotional trailers and teasers, and synopsis.


WatchSeriesZ – this is another great alternative to Project Free TV. It contains tons of shows as almost found on the original website. Its official site is Unlike other website, the site does not feature links but embed videos from external website just like the already dead website: Coke and Popcorn. To watch each episode in the site, viewers can click the name of the provider and you don’t need to leave the page just to watch a series. The video automatically  loads and you can start playing it until its load. In case the chosen video is not working, just select other options provided in each page.

Design: simple, Ads: minimal, Content: Big library of videos and episodes.


WatchSeries – its the good old Watchseries site in its new domain WatchSeries. It is simple and faster compared to other site mentioned. It does not use a lot of images and only links to videos to watch series online. The site is so familiar to a lot of users around the globe and they will see it as the best source of TV links online today. Compared to the old WS site, this site was created to be mobile friendly so gadget users with small display can easily navigate their way to watching all episode of the show.

Design: Minimalist, Ads: Moderate, Content: Old shows are not found but majority of the popular TV series are available.

This is a new and promising project free tv website with stunning make-over of the original PFTV site. You can easily watch TV shows and movies organized and classified by various genre. Search facility of the site was also simplified and designed for users to easily navigate. Also streaming server provided in the site are updated regularly and uses new hosting providers as per suggested by users who experience best streaming services from the added sites. To visit the site, just proceed to

Other website that can be considered to visit as alternative in case the site mentioned are not available



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