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Philip Philips Gets Discharged In the Hospital after Surgery

Philip PhilipsThe shocking thing about American Idol Season 11 is that their winner, Philip Philips was actually in a far worst condition than what all of them have ever imagined! And the thing is that, everyone of them though that it was Jessica Sanchez who indeed was the winner of the show and that Philip Philip’s here don’t deserve to win because it’s pretty obvious who the better singer is!

I say that people tend to be critical when it comes to singing competition like American Idol. But in my own opinion, the people who voted for Philips were right about one thing! He deserves to win, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now. Right now, I just want to say that the American Idol Season 11 winner is finally getting discharged of the hospital after that 6 hour long kidney stone surgery.

And to tell you the truth, this was like the longest 6 hour crucial surgery in Philip Philips life. The thing is that, he was far worst than what people have thought He would be during and after the A.I finale. The stent that was placed to him to keep him going have actually embedded itself to Philips body and that the doctors were move to laser it out to get it out of his system.

Right now, Philips is said to be recovering from the surgery at one of the Malibuhouse of the American Idol manager. He is said to be fully recovered comes June 16 which is also the start of their American Idol Tour inDetroitcity.


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