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No More Season 2 for Terra Nova?

Fox Television Network says that Terra Nova will be forever part of the history of the TV network as it will no longer hold a second season after the pilot season. The TV network said that there will be no more Second season for the prehistoric drama television series.

Last Monday, Fox network said that they are going to let go of the sci-fi drama series after its single season. Despite of the high anticipation from its fans, the ambitious television series still did not make it into the expectations of the viewers despite of all the expensive special effects. The series was filmed in Australia and it had a very appealing plot and special effects, but it did not give any good feedback from the viewers. What could have possibly gone wrong?

The series is all about a family who came from the future, year 2149 to be exact, who were sent back into the prehistoric Earth to have the chance to save the earth from dying during their time by having the chance to rebuild civilization. The series stars Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang, with behind-the-scenes principals including Steven Spielberg. Jason gave his fans a bad news when he tweeted the last Monday night regarding the show’s fate by saying “Bad news, guys. Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox.” I guess this means we won’t be expecting the series to come back anytime this year.


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