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Nicole Scherzinger Maybe Out “X-Factor”, But Now She’s Busy Pursuing Her Fashion Career

Nicole Scherzinger Modelling CareerThere’s this massive hate and love fans that’s been bugging and supporting The Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. It’s like everyone of them can’t seem to find content on how she’s been judging the show. Some told them that it was like her “bitchy” side is going out of place and that the contestants and or the hopefuls who are auditioning for the show including some of the judges who seems to be having a hard time dealing with her attitude. This is actually not the first time things like this happens. If you look at it, it could and might be the one reason why they’re so popular group “The Pussycat Dolls” decided to go their own ways.

Believe it or not, Nicole here seems to have gotten over the said eviction to Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor US. And by the way, she’s not alone on this one! Paula Adul and Steve Jones we’re also terminated on the show same as she did. Now, she seems to be active and have had given an offer to do some modelling for some London Fog Brand which includes her wearing some sexy looking coats for winter and a little bit less more. You know, the things you get to get attracted at! Well, it seems like Nicole here seems to have her luck going on when it comes to fashion using her sex appeal and body. Maybe that’s why she got kicked out of the show?!

I do believe that Nicole here is out of her comfort zone and that she’s not a reality television type of actress. She’s more fit in doing fashion just like what she’s doing right now. London Fog Brand sure did find her pretty amazing and it when it comes to modelling their products. On the other hand, Nicole here did share the bad news on her twitter account. She tweeted that, “I wanted to let you know directly from me that it’s true , I won’t be returning to The X Factor”. She actually didn’t give any explanation about it, but it’s more or less what we want to know.


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