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Nicole Scherzinger Breaks Down During The X-Factor (US) Show! Revealed

Everyone wasn’t expecting this to happen! There have been a lot of chances where’d they’ve seen Nicole cried, but last night was all different! It seems to me that The S-Factor contestant Rachel Crow was able to emotionally touched Nicole in the competition and that it’s hard for her to see her go! But obviously, it’s not them who decided who’s to go! It’s the American people at home! There’s no telling what Nicole’s real feeling about all of this! The only thing we know now is, Nicole has such a kind heart!

Rachel Crow and Nicole ScherzingerEveryone was sure surprise when they saw Rachel break down in the stage when her name was called out to go home! She was so surprised and even the judges as well when they saw the kid fall on her knees and cried! It was such a break down to them all! The competition was so fierce that even the judges weren’t able to predict that Rachel would actually be the one who’s going to leave the competition! After that, it was when they saw Nichole breaking down and just crying her heart out!

During the process of elimination, the two we’re in depth with what they really feel! Rachel cried and so is Nicole! After that, the camera man we’re able to wrap things up with an interview with Nicole back stage! She was crying really hard but was able to bring out what she really feels! She said to them that she wasn’t the one who made the decision to bring Rachel home! It was like it’s all her fault which is not!

Everyone felt what Nicole had also felt! They we’re for some time puzzled of what seems to be such an odd choice! It was Rachel Crow or Marcus Canty, but then again Nichole just couldn’t make a decision so she voted Rachel to tie them off! And because of that, it’s time for a dead lock where the judges lose the power to bring one of them home and that the people of America will be deciding and it’s going to be through the total text votes! And according to the total text votes, it was indeed Rachel who’s going home!

It was during that time when Rachel broke down! She cried the hardest knowing that her dreams in becoming the winner of the show has finally end! Indeed, The X-Factor (US) Show is not only about talent! It also has full of drama into it too!


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