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Million Dollar Decorators Season 1 Episode 2 : Playgrounds for the Rich

Million Dollar Decorators season 1 episode 2 is a must watch nowadays. You can watch that episode for free here at Showfreevids. On the other hand, the upcoming episode of this reality tv show is playgrounds for the rich in which be aired on June 8, 2011. In this week there are many hassles and pressures that will happen in Jeffrey facing the deadline of his client in which he needs to finish a $20 million worth of home working for over three years. Looks like that there will be some problems that will grow as the clients confront him on the things that are needed.
Meanwhile, the other decorators like, Nathan meets Melissa hi client and friend and dive which he was working for over 8 years now. In this work he will face a place in the house where have some problem caused by the water. Mary McDonald on the other hand pursue with Kendra her client which is selling the house that she really like.
Many tensions are present in this tv series and there are many unexpected things happened.
You can catch Million Dollar Decorators season 1 episode 2 here by just clicking the “Watch Now!” but be sure to check the airing schedule.


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