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Mike Sorrentino aka “The SItuation” Requests To Join Jersey Shore Season 6

Mike Sorrentino aka The SItuation Requests To Join Jersey Shore Season 6Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” has this huge situation problem. We all thought that Jersey Shore’s Season 5 is the Season Finale, but surprisingly there will be a Season 6 and The Situation is listed on its cast. But there seems to be a little  problem, The Situation is currently facing some impending trial cases and it’s all because of his uncontrolled alcohol consumption. He also has  this  upcoming court trail on the 4th of june and that it might actually be that one reason why He won’t be be to make it on the upcoming MTV television series that will start shooting this coming May 22 to July 7.

But if he doesnt show up on the court trial that would be another story, so now The situation is trying ask the Judges if they would let him skip or not attend the impending court trials so that he wont be having any trouble with his contract on the MTV.

The big question here is whethe or notr the judge will  grant his request or the Mike here will be put into making a much difficult decision on whether or not He will have to push through with his contract with the MTV.  Mike Sorrentino aka “The Situation” is doing the best He can to make sure that H’ll get to be one the next season of Jersey Shore fr this is about money and that this might actually be his last chance to get a life and find a girl that will seriously settle down with him.

Well, we are sure of one thing now! That Jersey Shore season 6 is possible and is about to come out right at your screen!  And I’m sure it will be a much awaited season which also makes me wonder wether ill be seeing The situation on season 6 or not.


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