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Michael Jackson’s Plan on Killing His Brother Randy Revealed

Michael Jackson’s Plan on Killing His Brother Randy RevealedYou may or may not believe this, but this for me shows that nobody, not even their closest friends nor his brothers knows the real late Michael Jackson! You want to know why?! It’s because right now, there’s this front page news about him telling people that the pop icon Michael Jackson was but paranoid, maniac and a drug loser who actually planned on killing his brother Randy. For all we know, He was this pop icon who loves music and is definitely a good brother to all! What we don’t know is that MJ here was actually the opposite of everything we imagined him to be!

I don’t really know whether or not you know about MJ using drugs here, but one thing’s for sure! With his former ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes talking to the press right now, you bet that you will get to hear some of the boldest and the most secreted info about the Pop icon. And right now, He’s like this big star that’s been telling Paparazzi and has been invited in a lot of talk show in America just to reveal the secrets that MJ has. And sadly, there’s this one incident yet revealed in the public were Michael Jackson almost killed his brother Randy.

 Before I tell you about the incident, let me just tell you that Matt Fiddes here is an official bodyguard of the late Michael Jackson and that He’s been there ever since. Going back, the incident I’m talking about here was the one when Randy were but having this argument with his brother about the said Jackson reunion tour desperately wanting Michael Jackson to sign the said $500 million contract which He just don’t want. What happened was, Randy was so trying convincing MJ to sign and that it came to the point that He was trying to get pass MJ’s guard when MJ here ordered here him to be shot! According to Fiddess, no one shot Randy! But it was clear that MJ here was so stoned and that he seems to probably not know what he’s talking about.


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