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Linsay Lohan Is Pissed And Is Said To Sue Reporters For False Story

Linsay Lohan Is Pissed And Is Said To Sue Reporters For False StoryThe 25 year old American actress Lindsay Lohan is just sick of hearing all these negative news about her! I mean, the fact that she’s been on the front page of every newspaper there is and it’s about her being so rapidly engaged in a lot of flirty action and somewhat dirty gestures that seems to be giving her distraught and that it made her realized that all those things are but affecting her career which is now in the depths of being banned in the entertainment industry. In short, she will be having more or less no projects nor upcoming movies this year which is really giving her a hard time in paying her debts, I guess.

Anyways, one of the major issues that the press has released which she said is not true and that it’s a major lie was about the busing thing as a SAG award after party just this weekend. She’s so pissed that right now, she’s actually been trying to explore legal options with her attorney on what case to to file. Those media guys are going to get something out of Lindsay, that’s for sure.

I don’t know if you guys see it’s a much wider perspective, but I feel like Lindsay here is trying to save something! It’s her career! She’s been having on the low right now when it comes to TV appearance and even Hollywood projects. And by the way, she also said that she is not hooking up with Dennis Hooer’s son! They’re just friends and that’s all, said Lindsay.


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