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Lead Singer Pink And Her Heroic Act To Save A Dying Dog Revealed!

Here’s a news that will bring you up your feet and say, this is heroic! I don’t know if you are into some heroic stuff like saving a girl from a near death and or giving your life to save another life and or things like that. But let me tell you that this is nowhere near to what you are thinking right now. This is about one of the lead and not to mention one of the popular singers today named “Pink” who made such a heroic act saving a puppy who’s told to have been toss off on the Los Angeles river and was told to have been left to die.

Pink Saves PuppyWell, the puppy sure is a tough guy. I mean, the said puppy suffered from a 3 broken legs when it landed in the river, but was still and is definitely alive. That’s where the actress and singer Pink comes to the rescue. It is told that Pink here was but doing the usual things she’s doing checking for some news and mail on the internet when she stumble upon the story of the puppy which she was immediately touched. Another thing is, she saw the note there that the puppy needs to undergo an operation and that it needs to be operated r else it would be just a matter of time till it dies.

With no time wasted, Pink here immediately contacted the said people behind the said publication which is the Ace of Hearts Animal Rescue Organization and offered some help to the puppy and took the responsibility of paying all the medical expenses needed to save the dog’s life.

After that, the said organization took the puppy on their hands putting him immediately in an operation that could save it’s life. The operation caused the singer “Pink” a total of $5,000. According to some reports, the operation was a success and that the puppy made a full recovery. Additional to that is, the puppy has a new owner now, and is said to be very lucky for it will sure have a tasty juicy bone this christmas.

I’m sure that most of you are but in shock and are probably amazed on how Pink was able to be of help to a dying puppy. Some of you might think that it was all but an act. But let me tell you that it’s not! Pink here helped the dog without expecting anything in return. It’s but all because of conscience and her being a good person.


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