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Kris Humphries Wants Annulment Rather than Divorce

The soon to be ex-husband of Hollywood Star Kim Kardashian told the press including the paparazzi that he’d rather have annulment than a divorce! This was certainly a tough call for both, but obviously the one who’s taking this seriously is Kris! If you think you already know the guy, then let me tell you that you’re not! This was more likely a tough call for Kris for two reasons! First off is that he’s still in love with Kim, the other one which is the most important thing is that Kris can’t do it because of his religion!

Kris HumphriesYou got that right! Kris here is but far from what you guys thinks of him! He’s pretty much intact when it comes to his religion and is procured through faith in God! He’s also in dealt into making his relationship with Kim work and that he said that He wasn’t been given a chance to work things out with her!

Right now, it seems like no matter what Kim would do here Kris is not going to give the divorce she wants! As what I said earlier, he’s deep seeded when it comes to knowing what he can and he can’t do in his religion. And to tell you the truth, he do believe that it’s the right thing to do!

On the other hand, Kris Humphries attorney have also released a statement regarding to his chances into making the said annulment possible. They said that if Kris here will be able to provide evidence and clear and somewhat convincing statement with regards to Kim Kardashian defrauding him into marriage, it is most likely that the judge would and will more or less grant Kim the divorce petition!

This is just hard! It seems like both parties are not going to give way to what the other group is suggesting, especially Kim! This could either be of Kris and or Kim’s game!


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