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Kris Humphries New Ordeal With Women After Kim

Kris Humphries & Myla SinanajKris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets and the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian from the “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” show “must” need to be more careful in choosing his next girlfriend. Because according to our sources Humphries reported and asked for the FBI’s help in relation to his ex-girlfriend named Myla Sinanaj. According to Humphries his ex-girlfriend Myla is extorting him and threatening him that she would try to degrade the public moral of Humphries by giving off negative information’s in the media about their previous relationship. Myla said that in order for her to stop is that she must pay her for the price of her silence.

As if Myla is extorting or blackmailing Humphries so what Humphries did was to seek help to the FBI to avoid the extortion. It was also said that there were e-mails, text messages and documents that can be used by Myla in order to degrade the public moral of Humphries. Thinking that the NBA star would resort in seeking help of the FBI, maybe the threat of Myla is really true, that’s why Humphries is doing his all just to stop Myla from showing it to the public and the Media.

Then if Humphries don’t want this information to be given in public why wouldn’t he just give the money Myla asked for. Or maybe he can’t afford to give the right amount of money. We are trying our best to get more information regarding this matter. As for the meantime Mila stays quiet and didn’t give any comments or reactions on Humphries’s move.


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