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Kris Humphries Got Dumped By Kim Kardashian, But Not The New Jersey Nets!

I’m pretty sure that you have already heard the epic story of the so called 72 weeks love story of the NBA Basketball player Kris Humphries and Hollywood star Kim Kardashian. Well, if not! Let me just tell you that it was but all wrong! They’ve been postingĀ  it all over the news, especially on her reality show entitled “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” which now seems to be all a set up to give the show higher ratings! I don’t know if you already noticed it, but that was more or less why’d they made the such wedding proposals and that it was all

Kris HumphriesWhy’d I said that, it’s pretty simple. Now that they’re doing the so called divorce process, Kris here seems to be reluctant and is not willing to undergo the process of divorce for he is close knitted when it comes to his religion and that he doesn’t want to go overboard by breaking his religious belief over some irrational 72 weeks of marriage which is fake and that it’s planned out by Kim alone.

On the other hand, even tough Kris’s love life here seems to be out of hand,his basketball career seems to go of a different direction and that it’s a good news. Well, according to multiple reports, the basketball star got a 1 year extension contract on his New Jersey Nets team for a total of $8 Million. I know that this is going to be a big shock for some of you, but it seems to me that he sure knows how to shoot the ball in the basket! This is the one proof that this guy is actually good in playing basketball rather than playing with someone’s hearth, especially when it comes to making the Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian fall for him.

Going back, this is a good news for him. He’s been playing with the New Jersey Nets for some time now and that it was actually the team he was in when he got engaged with Kim right up to when they got married. And now, it’s the one team who got him signed up for another year extension while he is in the process of getting divorced with her. how odd is that! I don’t know what some of you guys are thinking right now, but for me! This is actually a good news! I mean, this could help a lot especially in paying for the divorce papers. I’m just saying.


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