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Kobe Bryant Tries To Win HIs Wife Through A Promise!

Kobe Bryant & Vanessa LianeYou heard that right! The Lakers front guy, Kobe Bryat here is trying to win both his marriage and his wife, Vanessa Laine who seems to have had enough already with what the NBA star have been and still doing! If you still don’t know,well let me tell you that Kobe here can’t stick to her woman and that there have been a lot of cases He’s got into which involved him having an affair with some woman in and outside the state! Believe it or not, He’s the guy who just loves to srew woman who sure are attracted to him and or his wealth!

That and some more are but one of the many reasons why Vanessa here have had decided to end their 10 and a half year of marriage! This was tough not just for Kobe here who’ve already given that much effort in having a family including the fact that He gave Vanessa here that $4 Million worth of ring! If you’re thinking that it’s all about the ring, then let me tell you that it’s not! I mean, I think this is for the better!

Going back! Kobe here is trying to convince Vanessa to not continue with the divorce! He’s really doing his best and that it came to the point that he promised Vanessa that He’s not going to cheat ever again! You got that right! Kobe is serious in trying to get back Vanessa and to not continue with the divorce! It’s also said that Kobe here bought Vanessa a really expensive jewelry in hope that it might change her mind! We actually don’t have an idea about it’s worth, but by just looking at it! You can tell that it’s one of those pricey kind!


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