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Kobe Bryant Doing The Right Thing This Christmas! Find Out What It Is!

We all know this 6 feet 6 inches guy from the Los Angeles Lakers team who’ve made and still the one guy who can bring the win to the team this pre-season. Well, there have been also a lot of issues including injuries which made the Lakers fans lose hope that they would win this time. But you know what, this is nothing about that nor about the wrist injury that he has. This is going to be about the personal issue he is facing right now, and that it could and might be a brave move that could actually bring his family back, together with his two kids and Vanessa this coming Christmas day together.

Kobe Bryant and Wife VanessaHonestly, we including the media don’t actually know the details about the said filing of divorce. All we know is, Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers was once again caught by his wife Vanessa having some sort of extra marital sex with someone she might and or don’t know. The thing is, this was actually not the first time Bryant did this. This was but one of the many unrevealed cheating of the basketball star that his wife Vanessa tries to understand. This is just tough for her. I mean, the fact that they have their children is probably and might be the one thing that pushed Kobe to try and work things out with Vanessa one more time, and I don’t really know nor Vanessa if this will be the last time he’s doing it.

Kobe Bryant her is certainly not giving up on her nor to his children. It is said that Kobe here was the one initiated the said reconciliation having the concern with his children having a  hard time growing up with a broken family. Still, Kobe here is not releasing any statement regarding to what really happened and that what made his wife Vanessa to push for a divorce. This is not questioning! Vanessa here is pretty close mouthed and preferred to have privacy within their homes which makes the media and the paparazzi don’t know all about the things that is happening with them.

One more thing, it’s also said that Kobe’s family don’t know about the things that is happening with them which kind of makes us think that this is also for the sake of Kobe’s family as well. Right now, there’s still no news on whether they are getting back together, but some info said that they are doing their best in hope to find the right agreement in all of this. All for the sake of their kids.


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