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Kim Zolciak Lies Revealed

Kim Zolciak Lies RevealedKim Zolciak was having an issue about her not paying the rent on the house where she is currently staying. But she denied it and said that she always pays the rent and lease for the house. Kim even had a oral argument with the landlord of the house because the landlord wants Kim out of the house because she has not satisfied the payments needed for her to stay but Kim insistead that the landlord doesnt have the right to evict her because she has not failed to pay the rent for the house.

And all of this words coming from Kim was just a bunch of lies. It was found out that the landlord was ifact telling the truth. Kim has failed to pay the ren for a month. There was a email for Kim in ralation of the termination of the lease dated March 29, 2012 which means that the lease contract would end March 30. Which means Kim was not able to pay the rent and the landlord already gave her a notice. Kim disregarded the notice and up untill now its the 2nd week of june Kim is still staying at the without paying the rent.

The landlord told Kim that if she still overstay in the house the landlord will fill filing a lawsuit against kim. Kim gave a statement that she will be paying the penalty for staying at the house eventhough the landolrd wants to evict her and she added that she will be paying this as soon as possible.


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