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Kim Kardashian Fan Went A Little Bit Too Much!

Km KardashianThere have been a lot of instances where Kim Kardashian’s fan seems to have been taking their actions a little too much for her. She’s been an icon that guys are going crazy off and that they love her and followed her wherever she goes. This is like stalking and but went a little bit too much. This is where Kim seems to have had enough with her stalker and that she doesn’t want to fall under dangerous circumstances where these people might actually just grab and or take advantage of her because they are their biggest fans.

The incident happened last Saturday night at her Beverly Hills home where a sad fan showed up at her gate and rang the doorbell! Not just that, it came to the extent that they have had a confrontation where the said guy, a fan of her was said to have had actually asked by Kim Kardashian to stay with her! The shocking thing about this is that they guy has all these luggage’s and bags with him. This is so crazy that Kim doesn’t know what to do. It is said that she’s scared to death.

After that said incident, she actually dumped the house including all its property! She said during an interview that she’s going to find a new house that has a 24/7 security. She’s been going places trying to find a house where she will feel comfortable living, and that it is said that she’s looking at any possible house purchase in an exclusive community in L.A , Bel Air and Mulhollan Estates where her co0Hollywood star Charlie Sheen and Paris Holton we’re also living at. This is actually a good decision. I mean if it weren’t for that guy, she might not actually be getting friends and or near Paris and or Sheen’s house, right?!


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