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Justin Bieber Is Pissed Because of the Joustin Beaver Game!

Justin Bieber's Game OnlineYou heard that right! Let me tell you that Justin Bieber is so pissed right now knowing that his name and his fame is getting used to earn tons of money and that He’s not getting even a single cent from it! Actually, there’s a much larger and much deeper reason for all of it! Justin here is so popular around the world! And because of that, people seem to be thinking a lot of things and gimmicks to get some cash from it! This is what I call business!

Believe it or not, there this company called the “RC3” who actually came up with an application where they get to play with Joustin who actually looks like the Hollywood actor Justin Bieber, the only difference is that Joustin here is a bieber and that the spelling of their names are but totally different! Let me tell you that you are not going to get what the real Justin is feeling right now after seeing and playing the game on his iPhone and other friends!

You want to know why I said that Hollywood singer Justin Bieber is mad about the game and the makes of it? The fact that his Lawyer is trying to get rid of it both online and in the trial court! Could you believe that?! Bieber here sure is making a big fuss about this 99 cent application parody. But you know what?! The RC3 is not backing out on this one! According to them, the things that they are doing are but right and just and that they are protected by some law and that Justin Bieber and his lawyer can’t do nothing about it! The law is the said first amendment to the constitution with regards to parody business like them.

I can say that Justin Bieber is piss! With that being said, you can make sure that He will do anything to vanish that game out entirely! Just saying…


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