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Joe Rogan Is back In One of The Most Scariest Reality Show On Television “Fear Factor”!

You heard that right! Our guy here Joe Rogan is back to bring you one of the top rated reality show on primetime TV! And you want to know why?! IT’s all because of money and fame! If you still don’t know it yet! NBC head honcho Paul Taledgy have been continuously giving the show high ratings which he believes to be a major bonus and probably the one show that will give them more earnings in the future! The show is said to have been cited as one of the main and up running show that ended 2006 which brought high rated episodes!

Joe Rogan Fear FactorRight now, they are going at it again together with their main stay host Joe Rogan who’s pretty much used in seeing the contestants go head to head doing scary stunts to win the show! For some of you who still don’t know the history of the show! Let me give you some facts about it! Well, the show is said to be based on a Dutch show originally called Now or Never land! NBC was the first one who has decided to bring the show in the US last year 2001 with its host Joe Rogan after the fresh end of his new radio show! When they get to released the show, it immediately became a hit across America and is branded as an extreme show which show’s breath taking with cringe inducing scenes which was great and new!

This Fear Factor show is split into three parts namely, the physical challenge in which they will have to go head to head and beat one another using their physical strength with of course rules to be able to proceed to the next round! The second one is the so called gross-out challenge in which the contestants will have to eat, touch and or be trapped in a cage where snakes, rats, and other disgusting and scary animals in it! The last one is the stun section where the contestants will have to win a challenge which is pretty much scary and somewhat impossible! Examples of it is, they will have to get flags from a running truck and then jumped to an airplane and a lot more! The thing is, if they get to complete and win the challenges first, they are going to receive the grand prize worth $50,000.

This is absolutely one of the great shows there is today! And with Joe Rogan doing the hosting, you can absolutely make sure that this is going to be something much scarier than what we’ve seen in the past episodes!


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