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Jersey Shore’s Pauly D’s Million Dollar Business Revealed

Jersey Shore's Pauly D's Million Dollar Business RevealedDo you guys remember the hit TV series Jersey Shore. Whou can forget about the lives of eight housemate who decided to spend their summer at “Jersey Shore” New Jersey. Rembember Pauly DelVecchio? he came from Johnston, Rhode island and a good Disk Jockey. In the TV series he had a good romantic relationship with Farley but soon that romantic relationship did’nt had a good ending. Are you wondering where is Mr. Pauly D right now? Pauly D is now busy on his new business, if your thinking if he became a disk jockey just like in the TV series well its not. Paul D is trying his luck on liquor business. According to our research Pauly D has a good business partner who is the founder of Skinnygirl Cocktails none other than David Kanbar. And according to our sources Pauly D gave his new liqour a cool name that would surely suit the new generation. The liqour was named REMIX. REMIX is a mix of vodka based drinks and various of flavors.

We also heard that the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas loved the drink because it was brought to them last month. And according to them the liqour sold many cases during the convention on Las Vegas compared to Skinny girl in 18 months which gives a goodresult for Paly D. Hopefully this would be a good start for Pauly D.

This is like the biggest jock pot that this guy, Pauly D. could ever have! I mean, with the Jersey Shore television series ended, this is like a blessing in disguise that this guy really need. For sure, the girls and the other clubs downtown would be drawing that much closer in getting their share of this fabulous drink that this Jersey Shore star have developed and made popular with.


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