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Jersey Shore Star Ronni Is Officially In the Music Industry

Ronnie And His New MusicYou just never know what’s going to happen next! Especially with the Hollywood stars who’s like trying to cope with the changes in their careers putting them off the television shows and now in the music industry. It’s not like they can work blue collar jobs in the office or something. It’s also impossible to put them into some really serious and hard jobs coz they’re celebrities. What’s left for them, especially with this Jersey Shore star, Ronnie is to get his act together and sing some rap songs.

If you think that this is an awful choice for kids and for people around. Let me tell you that it’s not, and that this actually turned quite pretty well than that of other singers who just keeps on cursing and talking shit on their songs. Ronnie here was able to pull up some interesting lyrics in his song and that this was actually a song that teaches you some good stuff about not driving when you’re drunk. This also shows a clear bad job of auto tune and that voiceslike Ronnie just can’t seem to fit or is actually hard to put in tune.

Kidding aside, let me just say that Ronnie is pretty serious about his singing career. He’s already written a couple of sons and that the first title for his first single is, “How the F%#k We Gettin’ Home?!”. If you actually listen to the song, you will definitely have that feel of certainty that this is Ronnie and that the lyrics, including the title of the single is what He actually is. Or should I say how He lived his life up until now.


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