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Is Snooki From the Jersey Show Pregnant Or Just Fat?

Is Snooki From the Jersey Show Pregnant Or Just Fat?One of the main chacters in the popular shown online today is Snooki from Jersey Shore who’s on their season 5 already. There have been a lot of things that’s been happening in and outside the show, not to mention Snooki breaking up with her boyfriend Jionni whom she cheated a  couple of times, and one of those times we’re with Mike. If you are following the Jersey Shore online you know what I’m talking about here! Either way, let’s not go to a new topic here! You should know that Snooki might actually be pregnant here because of the casual hook up she’s been doing in the show.

I honestly don’t know where the guys from the media department got the issue about her being pregnant! It’s actually our business to know especially you guys who loves her. Now, is she really pregnant? We’ve caught up with Snooki one time and asked her about it. What she replied was somewhat a little bit far but kind of related  to the topic. She said that, “am I fat” repeatedly… I don’t know, but I think Snooki here seems to be hiding something? Is she? That’s what I’m not sure, and that’s what you guys will have to know.

Honestly, that’s really how she acts. The only time you’ll get to talk and flirt with her when she’s drunk. Believe me! I’ve seen her for quite some time acting weir in the Jersey Shore show. On the other hand, she’s asked another question about her thoughts about having a baby. What she said was that she plans on marrying someone first before having it which is actually a smart thing.I am guessing Snooki here seems to be not just but the look but she also got the brain too. She is more or less going to be something, that’s for sure! It’s either she posts more of those daring pictures in the show, or she would actually be pregnant and will just be surprised about it!


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