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Ironclad (2011)

Long live the King! That’s what most of the knight’s say when they praise and glorify their lords! It’s a medieval age where pride and glory is at most. Knights are there to defend their kingdom from conquerors from across the lands. They live not worthy of themselves but of their king. They have hands as hard as the rock fighting many battles that made their swords as sharp as it was first used. Blood always burst out of the enemies’ body making it strong and not brittle, withstanding every war that goes across the land and in their beloved kingdom. The war will soon come as the man of this old age fight for their rights in the upcoming movie this 8th of July 2011 entitled “Ironclad”.

Ironclad is a medieval age battle between the knights of the free lands against their king. I know it sounds different, because normally you defend your king and your castle from other knights from across the land who wants to conquer them. But here, it’s the other way around. Marshall here, played by “James Purefoy” must gather the brave men from their city to stand and fight not against conquerors from unknown land, but against their corrupt king John played by “Paul Giamatti” who doesn’t give the his people the freedom that they deserve. Now, with Marshall being the head of the group, he must find ways to bring their kingdom back from the way it was before. To bring back peace, unity and love within his people, and the only way to do that, is to take ownership of the kingdom that were once theirs by killing their king and Marshall being the new king. Only then they will find the real peace they sought to seek.

So if you guys want to be drawn back into that majestic time where knights we’re at its glory! Catch Ironclad this 8th of July 2011 and don’t dare miss it!


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