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Idol Winner Phillip Phillips in His Successful DC comeback

Even though he suffered more than one surgery before and after the American Idol competition, Phillip Phillips still fulfilled his promise to give entertainment to his fellowmen when he makes his comeback to DC.

During this year’s July Fourth celebration on the National Mall, the whole of America will finally hear from the American Idol grand champion, Phillip Phillips, as he makes his comeback performance following his kidney surgery.

Before the announcement on Monday, in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, Phillips expressed his excitement to visit the nation’s capital for the first time. The 21-year old bluesy guitar man said that after the season finale last May, he has been focused on recovering from the serious kidney surgery that he had gone through. The Idol Season 11 grand winner has revealed that he was in crippling pain from a kidney blockage even during the semifinal period of the competition. However, he was able to surpass all of the pains and the struggles and he still managed to win the competition despite of all the hardships he experienced. He also revealed how hard it is to stand at times during parts of the American Idol Season 11 and was undergoing a series of surgeries during breaks in the competition. His right kidney was not functioning properly, he said, but it didn’t require a transplant. He was still lucky that aside from winning the competition, he also surpassed the life-threatening situation.


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