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Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

It’s Halloween month again and its time for horror movies. A lot of you might be searching for films that will scare the hell out of you and the following are some of these movies that you should not miss watching this scary month.

  • Final Destination movies – if you love gory deaths and mysterious horror films then you should binge watch these film series. It’s all about cheating death and how death reacts when you play with it. Start watching the first film and you’ll get the idea on what the horror movies is all about. Premonition and demises at its best.
  • The Ring – well if you still didn’t watch this yet then you should! It’s about a curse video whenever someone watch it will die in 7 days. Watch the original Japanese version and/or the US remake.
  • IT – well you should not miss Stephen King’s  new horror movie remake but I advice you watch both, the original movie adaptation of the book and the 2017 remake. It’s about a scary clown named Pennywise who terrorizes kids to consume them for himself.
  • Minutes Past Midnight, ABCs of Death, VHS and VHS/2 – I put these movies in one line because the horror flick uses the same style of horror. The film is composed of several short horror movies directed by various directors. It’s a must watch for horror short fanatics out there.

Now if you want to watch horror movies online, visit and proceed to the Horror movie section of the site. Enjoy your Halloween!


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