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Horrible Bosses (2011)

Sometimes you just can’t tell what’s going to happen next. I mean, you just have to expect the unexpected because life is full of surprises. One day you’re way up in the sky, and then the next day you are six feet under. It sure is hard to imagine what your life would be, but then you just have to face it and learn to live with it. But I guess that only applies to those guys who can bare it, but for these guys they’re not going to wait no more. They are going to make a plan to get their bosses out of their miserable lives and live the life they’ve always dreamt of. That’s if, they get to be successful with their plans on this upcoming movie this 8th of July 2011 on “Horrible Bosses”.

If you guys are having the hardest time of your life living with your bosses who’s trying to trick and harassed you almost every day in work, then you’re just like these guys, Jason Baterman who plays the role of “Nick”, Jason Sudeikis as “Kurt” and Chalie Day as “Dale” in the movie “Horrible Bosses”. These guys are so pissed off with their bosses for making their lives at work as miserable as ever, so these guys planned to erase their bosses “Kevin Spacey, Colin Farell and Jennifer Anniston” forever. I mean, literally killing them, so what they did was to hire a killer who’s an ex-con “Jamie Fox” to give them a really good plan on how they can get rid of their bosses without getting caught. Now, they have it all planned out, but it seems like the best plan is not as best as what they have thought it would be.

Watch as these guys fill you up with laughers and giggles as their plan went from being the best to the worst as “Horrible Bosses” this coming 8th of July 2011.


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