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Hally Berry’s Love Life Exposed

Halle Berry & Olivier MartinezI bet that you are all wondering what’s keeping Hollywood Actress Halle Berry busy these past few days?! Let me tell you that she’s doing a lot of new and big things which seems to be the one she’s been waiting for all her life! It’s not about work and totally not about her getting at her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry! I don’t know if you were informed about this, but Halle is dating someone much hotter right now! The guy is not American! He’s a French guy in which Halle seems to be madly in love with!

This seems to me like a celebration, that’s if you are in favour with Halle and the French guy Olivier Martinez’s relationship. If you can still remember, it was but a year or two ago when Hollywood actress Halle was in shock when Olivier gave her a ring which everyone thought was but an engagement ring, but it wasn’t! After that, there have been tons of rumours that the two were already engaged! Not just that, the proposal ring seems to be a special and somewhat a sign that the two were but serious in getting married! One of the signs that you guys will notice is when Halle here asked one of the state judges to give her permission to move to France together with her daughter Nahla.

We sure are happy with the two, but the problem here is that Halle’s ex-husband Gabriel Aubrey is not in favour with the said move, not willing to take the risk or to make her daughter far from him. But all this depends on what the California judge would and will be deciding. The judge said that there are certain aspects of their relationship that he will have to look at before he could even decide on this. Either ways that will not stop the couple in their upcoming marriage whether or not the judge said yes or no to their request!


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