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Halle Berry’s Daughter and His Not to Be Trusted Dad!

Halle Berry, Nahla and Gabriel AubryI’m sure that you have heard a lot of stuff about Halle Berry and her French boyfriend together with her plans in leaving the U.S to live in France! But that’s not what we are going to talk about here! We are going to tackle one of the most important facts in making these plans come true, together with the fact that Halle here might actually have the full care to her daughter Nahla. This is something that you guys will have to watch out for, for this might be one of the biggest moves that might and is actually necessary to make Halle’s plan to move in France come true!

What we are going to talk about here are ex-couples Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry including their daughter Nahla. Did you know that right now, Gabriel here have been called to court under strict compliance of what seems to be an undergoing investigation with regards to him putting her daughter Nahla in a serious danger! It was the L.A County Dept. Of Children and Family Services who’ve filed allegations of child endangerment by Gabriel Aubry and that it was the Dependency Court who’s handling the case today.

If you still don’t have any idea on what is happening today, let me tell you some of the serious offense that Gabriel has done that was cited by the “DCFS”. The first offense might actually be, when Gabriel here was said to have pushed Nahla’s nanny while she was holding her. Not just that! They were also given the information that he yanked the baby from the nanny and have had scolded and screamed at Nahla for a couple of times. Because of that, the DCFS recommended a 24/7 monitor for Gabriel whenever Nahla is with her which the judge agreed with.


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