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Watch Game of Thrones Episode 2 – “The Kingsroad”

Watch the Game of Thrones episode 2 online replay here at The next episode of the high-acclaimed TV adaptation of the epic novel by RR Martin is entitled as “The Kingsroad” which air date is April 24, 2011 at 9pm eastern time. Its a road that every single character and kingdom of the series should take, a road to the throne that every single men of this fantasy world wants to be on their hands.

The pilot episode “Winter is Coming” shows how each character are determined to get their hands to the power and might that they desire. In this episode, King Robert will begin his journey with Ned Stark accompanied by his daughters. Meanwhile, the lovely but deadly Daenerys Targaryen find an ally and marries him. She will surely know what it is to be the lady of the Dothraki. It will be not easy but it worth it.

Have a glimpse of the episode by watching the following Game of Thrones episode 2 – The Kingsroad preview:

[youtube 560 349]

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