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Game Of Thrones And George W. Bush’s Decapitated Head

Who would’ve thought that Game of Thrones is also about decapitating former United States President in the show. This is more like a liberal move, or a show of freedom of speech which means exactly what decapitating people in the 18th century is. But wait, there seems like a big mistake here and that the head of the former President Mr George W. Bush was featured in the Game of Thrones television show.

You got that right! This have been more like a mistake on the part for the creator of the show. What were talking about here is the so called Mr. George W. Bush’s “Dubya” decapitated head mask that looks exatcly like him and that it already appeared on the show which then brought tons of rumours about the show making a move which concerns politics. To clear things up, creator’s David Benioff along with D.B. Weiss insisted and clarified that this is not a political move and that it was to their mistake that such things happened.

According to them, they were like stuffed with a lot of prosthetics body in the show and that it was then after the show when they’ve realized that one of the heads looks like the former president. The creator said that it was their honest mistake along with HBO apologizing and sending out letter to the public saying, “We were deeply dismayedto see this and find it unacceptable, direspectful and in very bad taste.” Along with it is the executive producers of the said television series action on banning the said scene on their DVD production and in the show itself.

This sure is a sign that what happened here was an honest mistake and that the Game of Thrones show is not in any movement or what so ever about politics and the former and recent President of the United States of America


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