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Former Bachelor Winner Went Crazy After Getting Black Mailed In The Relationship Rehab Show!

If you still haven’t know the news, let me show you what really happened! Well, we have here one of the recent winner of the Bachelor reality show Vienna Girardi who got an exclusive interview schedule with one of the most talked about show when it comes to fixing a relationship “Relationship Rehab, or so what they said. But you know what, instead of fixing her somewhat broken relationship with her boyfriend Kasey Kahl what the show did was to brutally bring out this one guy named Lee Smith whom she has no intention of meeting with anytime sooner. What happened was, she got kind of blindsided by the producers of the show and that the real thing that they wanted to do was to put her on the spot and not to fix her relationship with her boyfriend Kasey.

Vienna GirardiThis is just weird! i mean, how could Relationship Rehab do such a thing. This is far from what you and even Girardi could handle! If you still don’t get it! let me refresh your memories by making you remember who this Lee Smith in Gerardi’s life. It was wen rumors got out of hand about Gerardi sendingĀ  flirty mails to some guy on the internet. The guy is none other than Smith here and that it happened when she got engaged with the Bachelor Jake Pavelka.

You see, this is the one thing that Gerardi don’t want to happen. She thought that things are but going to be alright when she gets to talk with her boyfriend, but how could that happen when the producers brings up these guys without her knowing. This is totally weird and shocking! That’s when Gerardi stood up and had a breakdown screaming while she leave the show.

What happened to her was totally out of control of the producers now. The thing is, she has no idea that this would happen. I mean, the producers of the show didn’t told her that it’s going to be like that. What she was thinking was but a one on one confrontation with her boyfriend and that not as revealing as this. While she was taking off, she was screaming to the producers that she hates them.

Right now, there’s still no clue where she’s gone through and that if she somewhat violated her contract with the show. This is big! I mean, she could either sue them ad or get sued… I don’t really know what’s going to happen, but let me tell you that this is something that you will have to watch out for!


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