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Find Out Why Halle Berry’s Life Is In Grave Danger!

Halle BerryFor some time now, there have been a lot of obsessed fans who tried to walk inside Helle Berry’s house and told that they are both big fans of her. This is pretty much a serious one for this might actually put the Hollywood actress life and daughter Nahla in some serious trouble! You want to know why? It’s the fact that those guys who got jailed after trespassing to her house are now freed. This is more or less the one thing that made Halle Berry decide to leave the U.S!

I’m sure that you have been hearing a lot of news lately with regards to Halle Berry wanting to leave to France where her soon to be husband Olivier Martinez is living. But let me tell you that this is but not the sole reason why she wants to leave the U.S. This is most likely about security and not of just love. I mean, Halle sure is engaged now, but the fact that her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry’s opposing to the said migration is one of the many things why such things can’t happen. Right now, I’m just afraid on what is about to happen to Halle if ever the judge decided to not grant her the permission to leave France.

According to the news, there’s this guy named Robert Hoskins who is pretty much mentally unstable who’ve escaped the mental ward. This guy was the same guy who threatened to cut Madonna’s house and who got shot by her security guard back in the year 1995 because of trespassing. And now, it’s Halle who is both threatened by the guy, and told her that he’s going to cut her throat. This guy is so crazy! Now, what will the judge do? That’s what you guys will have to find out! Stay tuned!


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