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Ex-Fiance of Antoine Walker Having A Hard Time In His Life And Career

Antoine Walker & Evelyn LozadaThis is actually one of the sickest things that this former NBA star is having right now! It’s not like this is the first time that things like this have had happened and that it’s more like a one mistake that’s making his life right now miserable. I bet that you are trying to figure out what is going on with former NBA star Antoine Walker. What I’m talking about here is the said alleged scam that his former girlfriend Evelyn Lozada has pulled out with him.

Well, I never thought that such things are possible not unless they have gotten the reports from the Walker’s lawyerwith regards to the money that he have had lost. Right now, they are pointing the blame to Evelyn Lozada whom they have said to have been given over a half a million dollars by the NBA star. This is more like a one time deal and that it’s more like something that they are trying to find out to figure out whether or not this is something and the reason why Antoine Walker is having a massive bankruptcy that’s almost impossible for an NBA superstar like him.

I’m not sure whether or not things like this is possible! All I know is that it could either be Antoine’s Walers fault and or it’s something that his ex-girlfriend have had figure out! According to some inside info, Evelyn Lozada here didn’t know that the NBA star is having a hard time in his life and that He is having a lot of financial problems including the things that might and actually made him fall into such desperate times. Right now, one thing’s for sure! Antoine Walker here does not have any money left that’s why she’s pushed into suing Evelyn Lozada to get his money back!


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